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INTRODUCEWelcome Message

Dear esteemed members of the Korean Society of Pain & Autonomic Disorders,

As the president of the Korean Society of Pain and Autonomic Disorders, I am honored to embark on this journey with all of you for the next two years starting from April 2023.

Pain and autonomic disorders are not only important topics in neuroscience but also fields that have a significant impact on daily living and quality of life. Furthermore, they encompass a wide range of complex subjects related to neurological disorders and various other conditions. However, I believe that these areas have often been overlooked by researchers in clinical neurology, precisely because it is a challenging field that crosses specialties.

Since its establishment as a sub-society of the Korean Neurological Association, the Korean Society of Pain and Autonomic Disorders has continuously fostered academic activities and exchanges, with the active participation of members interested in pain and autonomic neurological disorders, led by our distinguished executives, over the past decade. Moving forward, we will make every effort to position our society as a space for sharing and advancing the latest research and practical knowledge in pain and autonomic neurological disorders. Based on this foundation, we aim to gather knowledge and experiences, share scholarly achievements, and explore better methods for pain management and patient care. Furthermore, we hope to facilitate collaboration among researchers and become a vital platform for active research both domestically and internationally.

To achieve this vision, we eagerly await the active participation of clinical practitioners and researchers interested in pain and autonomic disorders, regardless of their neurological subspecialties or professional backgrounds, including clinical neurologists, neuroscientists, and pain and autonomic specialists.

Wishing you all good health, I kindly request your enthusiastic interest and participation.


President of the Korean Society of Pain & Autonomic Disorders
Byoung Joon Kim