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INTRODUCEWelcome Message

Dear Members of the Korean Society of Pain & Autonomic Disorders!

I am Dong Kuck Lee from School of Medicine, Catholic University of Daegu who has been the president of the Korean Society of Pain & Autonomic Disorders (KSPAD) since April 2019.

First of all, I deeply appreciate to former President, Board of Directors and Members of KSPAD because they have worked hard to improve our society.

Pain and autonomic symptoms are one of the main causes of severe disability in almost all disease, causing patients visit the hospitals. The range of symptoms is very wide, the patterns are really diverse, and the emotional and psychological factors of patients often have a great influence on the change of symptoms, so it is not easy to set a treatment goal even from the neurologist’s point of view. It is also common to overlook the patient’s real difficulties as the treatment progresses.

Recently, academic organizations, events, and medical institutions related to pain have increased rapidly, but there is a tendency to focus only on the relief of the pain without understanding the causes. Moreover, it was also true that there were no academic organization in Korea that previously studied autonomic nervous system symptoms and diseases.

In order to solve theses problems, some neurologists who are interested in pain and autonomic disorders started to work in a small research group in 2007.

Since then, KSPAD held training courses and academic conferences in spring and autumn, and interesting group meeting in summer. KSPAD is proud to provide academic and practical help and guidance on pain and autonomic disorders.

In the future, we will provide verified knowledge of pain and autonomic disorders to patients and the general public through the homepage and provide practical guidelines to assist the members in the academic development and sharing knowledge of pain and autonomic disorders.We will strive to become a society where you can promote friendship among members.

We will do our best to become a new and always developing society without compromising on the development.

We ask your continued support and participation.

President of the Korean Society of Pain & Autonomic Disorders Dong Kuck Lee